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    What is the generation manager?

    Generation manager is the name of a website that since the beginning of 2012 offers information on the subject of cooperation between generations in organizations. The generation manager can help you by improving the work climate and the results of your organization. The generation manager helps you to improve the employability of your personnel and to lower sick leave. The generation manager shows managers and staff how to deal with difference in desires and expectations between generations.The generation manager is also the place to find knowledge, insights and help with the question: “How can generations reinforce each other?” Besides that the website supports organizations that are interested in:

    • analysis of the generation force in the organization
    • discussing the subject of generations in staff meetings
    • guest speakers at training institutes
    • presentations
    • generation quadrants
    • and last but not least, participation in a workshop on management of generations

    The focus of the workshop is to reinforce the quality of cooperation, specifically from the viewpoint of
    similarities and differences between staff from different generations.

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    How can the generation manager help your organization.

    The generation manager has access to experts in the area of human resources with speciifc knowledge and ample experience in the area of stimulating cooperation. The following instruments are deployed:

    • The generation reflector is an online list of questions that measures in an objective way which generations are working in a team and which gives insight in the different motivations of distinct generations. The results of the generation reflector can be used as input for a workshop, but can also be used for a discussion on the question: “How are generations working together in a team?”

    • Still and moving images about generations and their attributes and characteristics.

    • Articles on the generation phenomenon and cooperation.

    • Proficient planning, execution, guidance and evaluation of a workshop.
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    When is the generation manager successful?

    This is the case when in an organic and playful way more understanding for other generations grows. The generation manager wants to be a platform for managers and staff that leads to “Where old stories are told and new stories originate.”

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    Interested in the generation manager?

    Please contact us with the contact form.

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    What is special about the name and logo of the generation manager?

    Maybe not much at first sight. The name generation manager was chosen to express the idea that cooperation that is being managed leads to improved cooperation. Special is that Robert Nijboer, graphic designer at Oburon Design remarked that there are two keywords present in the words generation manager: era and age. Generations belong to a specific era but share the idea of age.

    The generation manager’s logo

    The logo symbolizes the four generations that are most frequently found working together in an organization.

Which generation do you belong to?

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